Welcome to Leith Walks, home of the original Trainspotting Tours and the book Choose Life. Choose Leith: Trainspotting on Location by our very own Tim Bell, published by Luath Press.

In Tommy’s words “Doesn’t it make you proud to be Scottish?” YES! Tim doesn’t agree with Renton’s answer (“it’s shite being Scottish”). He is a Leith (honorary) native, social historian and knows Leith inside-out – the good and the bad.

Tim’s Trainspotting Tours and the book, embeds him further in the fabric of an ever-changing, vibrant and dynamic Leith.

From the Blog

Autumn leaves

As the colours of autumn begin to show and the leaves begin to fall, it's time for some reflections. The book continues to do well, sales have been good and interest in it continues. Recently i have been dealing with a production company that is preparing a 1-hour...

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A good August

Thanks to everyone - 125 folk - who came on the tour this month. I hope you all enjoyed it; for me it was a pleasure to meet such a wide variety of people with their different interests in the Trainspotting story. Some were into the literature, others the film, others...

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Cheap journalism

Last week it was announced that the annual per capita death-rate in Scotland related to illicit drugs went through the 1,000 mark, giving Scotland the unenviable top position in not just the UK, not just the EU, but almost everywhere in what is called "the western...

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