Welcome to Leith Walks, home of the original Trainspotting Tours and the book Choose Life. Choose Leith: Trainspotting on Location by our very own Tim Bell, published by Luath Press.

In Tommy’s words “Doesn’t it make you proud to be Scottish?” YES! Tim doesn’t agree with Renton’s answer (“it’s shite being Scottish”). He is a Leith (honorary) native, social historian and knows Leith inside-out – the good and the bad.

Tim’s Trainspotting Tours and the book, embeds him further in the fabric of an ever-changing, vibrant and dynamic Leith.

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A midsummer dreamy time

After a busy May and June, what with the Leith Festival and a couple of book events, I have only a few tours in July before the August Fringe programme: https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on#fq=venue_name%3A%22Custom%20House%22&q=*%3A* The two June events could...

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Scotland’s tragedy

Well, there’s another SNP conference away, at the weekend there, another wasted opportunity for our “national” party to do a bit of thinking in public about what’s best for Scotland. Instead, we had this narrative that is so disingenuous that it’s dangerous. It’s the...

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