Welcome to Leith Walks, home of Trainspotting Tours.

When I lift my head from finalising my book provisionally titled CHOOSE LIFE, CHOOSE LEITH: Trainspotting on Location, which should be out in August, twenty-five years on from the launch of Trainspotting the book, there’s nothing I like better than taking people on a Trainspotting tour of Leith. There’s not much about Trainspotting I don’t know, but I’m constantly surprised by some new angle or insight coming from my customers. Tours can be quite vivacious! See more on The Walks page. The next programme of tours will be in the Leith Festival in June.

The sequel T2 caused bit of interest in February last year. I saw it on the first night of general release, here in Leith, prepared to be disappointed. I wasn’t. Never under-estimate Danny Boyle. But it was never going to be the game-changing major film that Trainspotting was, way back in 1996 and for the rest of the decade. T2 is interesting and entertaining, in places morphing into farce. It’s much more on-location, mainly in Edinburgh, but it’s not easy to put together a tour of the locations.