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From the Blog

Trainspotting – the next things

It's been a while since I paid this site any attention. Not that stuff hasn't been happening. I think there's only one copy of the reprint of my book (at Topping bookshop). And we're going to a second edition, due out in February, timed to coincide with the premiere...

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Don’t think it isn’t still a problem

A chap I knew as a laddie, 30-odd years ago, died last month. He was a nice boy. Probably consequent upon a youthful experiment in his teens, he had a drug problem for about 25 years. His own family had to keep him at a distance, for their own protection. It was...

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Bringing it home

It's been a while! Hello again. I'm as keen as ever to claim Trainspotting for Leith. It's a local story. Leith disappears in the film, but it all started here. Read all about it in my piece in The Leither . Then see The Proclaimers take away A Letter from America....

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