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Spud sits on the very bench where we start (see below). We go past Sick Boy’s Banana flats, to the Foot of Leith Walk and the ghostly remains of Leith Central Station which anchors the whole thing.


Introducing and reading key passages from the book, on location, the realities of Leith in the 1980s strongly emerge. Behind the brio and the insolence – there’s plenty of room for the laughs – lie the tragedies of the heroin scene and the collision with the new HIV.


There is no charge for tours. Donations to either NE Edinburgh Food Bank or Anyone’s Child are invited.

                                                        getting ready to read the Deid Dugs screenplay, right on location in Leith Links >>>>


Tours can be customised as required; for example focussing on addiction, or HIV/AIDS, or the distinctive social/community issues in Leith that gave rise to the Trainspotting generation. I normally have access to an excellent indoor facility for a round-table presentation and discussion.

See the Guestbook for comments from people who have done the tour. 

  • Start-point: Usual rendezvous point is at the benches opposite Cafe Truva, or inside if it’s wet.

    We.normally end at the Dockers’ Club, 17-17a Academy Street, EH6 7EE. This is the setting of Renton’s uncomfortable evening after doing cold turkey. It’s here that we can sit round a table and go over the film – reading some of the purple passages from the screenplay.

  • Tours take around two hours.

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