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above: with Gavin MacDougall, Director, Luath Press (left) at the launch party of CHOOSE LIFE. CHOOSE LEITH at the Dockers’ Club, 3 August 2018

While I was drafting the book I was slightly nervous about being a wee bit emphatic on a couple of points. The first is me saying several times that widespread out-of-control drug (any drug) abuse is a symptom of social malaise; the second is coming down strong in saying that the prohibition of drugs is counter-productive and useless. Almost as soon as the book is on the streets I wish I had been stronger on the points. Recent events have combined to reinforce both points.

We have had some critical commentary: first out of the blocks was The Student Newspaper, in which I have acquired a completely new name, Mr Cook, but thank you, Camille Boushey, for your enthusiasm. Second was The HeraldĀ in which Alistair Mabbott suggests he, like me, was living in the thick of the drug scene – in his case, it seems in Albert Street – without being fully aware at the time of all that was going on. Then there’s the Daily Record which is really mostly about revisiting Leith as seen through a Trainspotting lens, and not much about my book. But it’s good.

Click here for more about the book from the publisher, Luath Press.

If you have a comment, please leave it below. I may not see it waiting for approval before 15 October as I will be on holiday.

As soon as I can give a link to an e-version I will email all my Trainspotting correspondents.

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  1. Many who enjoyed Trainspotting will be astonished at what is revealed here concerning all that lies behind Irvine Welsh’s best known work. More than a worthy slice of social history from Leith and North Edinburgh since the 1980’s. It has lived experience and new insights on every page. Quite an achievement. Well done Tim.

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