Welcome to Leith Walks, home of the original Trainspotting Tours and the book Choose Life. Choose Leith: Trainspotting on Location by our very own Tim Bell, published by Luath Press.

In Tommy’s words “Doesn’t it make you proud to be Scottish?” YES! Tim doesn’t agree with Renton’s answer (“it’s shite being Scottish”). He is a Leith (honorary) native, social historian and knows Leith inside-out – the good and the bad.

Tim’s Trainspotting Tours and the book, embeds him further in the fabric of an ever-changing, vibrant and dynamic Leith.

From the Blog

He’s back!

Aw hell, not that I wish Boris Johnson ill, but his first appearance yesterday on the steps of no 10 after his encounter with C-19 confirmed all the worst we have come to expect. His hyperbolic manner ("I'm not prepared to throw away all the hard work of the British...

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A bit late but getting there

OK I'm getting a wee bit more serious about spreading the word by various means. See what being banged up all day for twelve weeks can do to a man - it's come to this: I have a brand-new facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TrainspottingTim and a Twitter...

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Tipping times

I always think of the equinoxes as the tipping points of the year, not the solstices. It's not just the point in the earth's orbit that's at the tipping point this equinox, it's that wee virus, it's the world economy, it's the political cycle. Will you bet against...

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