It’s out, on the streets of Leith, a collection of writings marking the centenary of the amalgamation of Leith and Edinburgh in 1920. OK, we’re a year late, so it’s edition #101 and we’ll hit #200 in November 2120.

Fifteen different voices, all heartfelt, telling it like it is. It’s not all pretty, cos life’s not like that, even in Leith.

Why Salamander? Salamanders are lizards that can live on land or in water, can re-generate lost limbs and a tail, even an eye. Clever little things, salamanders, a bit like Leith, then. The connection is in there, you’ll have to find it.

It’s online here The Darting Salamander and if you ask nicely we could send you a hard copy.

It has been a privilege being part of the Leith community like this. We all need the opportunities to be creative, have our voices heard, meet and share and discuss and argue. KEEP CONVERSATIONS AND NEWS LOCAL

Salamander? Because salamanders can re-generate lost limbs and a tail. Clever little things, a bit like Leith.

The Darting Salamander is online and maybe we can end you a hard copy, if you ask nicely. Lots of voices, all heartfelt, telling it like it is. Not all pretty, of course.