Exactly three years ago, as MC of the Leith Community Tattoo, I called for the customary minute’s silence following the Last Post to include respect and a call to action for the dead, bereaved and affected by the fire at Grenfell Tower.

Later I wrote in my book: “In 2017 Jon Snow led a collective mea culpa on behalf of journalism for failing to tell the real story of what was happening in the wealthy London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea before the ghastly fire in Grenfell Tower… which killed so many unwealthy people. It can be said that Welsh told the true story of what was happening in Muirhouse […in the 1980s heroin scene]. … This is journalism, buried in fiction; but nobody read it in the next day’s newspapers, and since it didn’t appear for as long as it takes for fiction to appear, maybe it’s history.” (pp.186/7)

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