Give Welsh’s Trainspotting a bit of respect for having a broad view of Leith in the 1980s. Spud Murphy, explicitly of Catholic Irish descent, and his mixed-race uncle Dode, are going into the Persevere pub near the foot of Easter Road where the Orange Order and the BNP are already drinking. Spud has the voice:

They aw said that Dode has this chip on his shoodir, n ah thought so n aw, until ah began tae suss the kinday abuse the gadge wis takin, at school n in the streets n aw that. It wis naebody’s business, ah kin tell ye man. Ah jist sortay laugh whin some cats say that racism’s an English thing and we’re aw Jock Tamson’s bairns up here… it’s likesay pure shite, man, gadges talkin through their erses. Trainspotting p.126