If we had crashed out of the EU at the end of the month it would have put the clocks back fifty years, never mind the annual ritual of putting them back by an hour. But we didn’t. I am not in favour of referendums, but I have come to think that this is such a strong single issue that arose out of a referendum that it would be best resolved by another. Just what were the Brexiters afraid of? Now the matter is confused with other general election issues. I have no time for SNP opportunism voting for a pre-Christmas election, before their fortunes begin to sink with the Alec Salmond trial and growing awareness of SNP cynicism and over-caution at Holyrood. When it comes to a Holyrood election they must have their feet held to the fire of consequences their over-riding dream of separating Scotland from the United Kingdom. Whatever you think of Brexit, separation isn’t the answer. And a second IndyRef is not the means.