Book sales are coming along nicely, thanks to all who have bought one. See some rave reviews on Amazon (five stars, every one!) and on my book page. If you email me I can arrange to send a signed copy for that special someone – who may just be yourself.

I’m away now till early April, and after that I’ll get stuck into the tours season. For those living in or near Leith, there’s a week of Leith Festival specials, or see my Tours page for details. There will probably be a month of tours in August, as Fringe events, and of course you can be in touch to make your own arrangements.

And if I can’t manage to join you when you’re going to be in town, I’ll send you instructions for a do-it-yourself tour – not as good as me, but if you bring your copy of Trainspotting with you, you’ll certainly get the gist.

I’m at the Storytelling Centre on 15 June, National Library of Scotland on 18 June, and there are a few City library and Edinburgh bookshop events still to be set up. It will be nice to see you at one of these gigs.