I shouldn’t have been so dismissive of the changes afoot at no 58 Constitution Street. I understood it was to made into some sort of cafe, the like of which there is no shortage in the area. But no, dear reader, it has been restored as a pub, under new management. It has gone for the stripped-back distressed look, making a virtue of having to, well, strip it right back to the bricks and stone. With the change of management it has lost its direct personal connection with Irvine Welsh, but hey, that’s life. It’s still a pretty good pub, it’s still the Port o’ Leith, and you’ll have a nice welcome from Craig behind the bar.

And thanks to all who came on a tour from no 58 during the Leith Festival, a total of 26 over three evenings. The groups were very different – it all depends how people gel together – and they were all good fun. Now it’s time to get the head down and finish the book. One problem is I have too much material, so I’ll take a lead from the pub – go for the stripped-back effect. Less is more.