Well, a very interesting time was had on the weekend of the premiere of T2. There was me taking a tour for my punters, with Radio Forth and Sky Entertainment in tow. My ideas of where to go and what to say went out of the window. See production teams? My punters contributed to the journos – vox pop for them, of course, and the guys played into it. I didn’t hear the Radio Forth output, but the Sky piece went online later in the day. They got me to say that line about there being gaps in people’s lives that were filled by heroin about five times. There’s no knowing why they chose that version, I didn’t think it was my best! I took them to the scene of “urban distress”, where Katey walks down the steps saying how 1960s planning didn’t work out. She was right on location for that – it used to be Leith’s magnificent Kirkgate, heartbeat of the town. And on Sunday they went on the orange carpet (railway orange – geddit?) and interviewed the stars. Fame by association.

Then during the premiere itself they had me live on Radio 5 Live. Terrifying! They had me lined up to be interviewed along with another guy who didn’t answer his phone and didn’t show. So it skewed the line of questioning that I was prepared for. Then the Skype connection went funny and I was cut off in my prime. Listen to it here , it’s about 13 minutes in.

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