I was at my Stranger Than Fiction writers’ group the other evening, in the pub, of course. Some people say that non-fiction writers must be boring, but I don’t think that’s true at all. I just wouldn’t go if it was true. Anyway, this month we had a chap who designs front covers, he had plenty of examples to show and talk about. A very merry evening was had by all. The purpose of the cover is to pick up something of the spirit of the book. I think I’ve got that right. And it is certainly intended to look attractive, whatever that means, and promote sales. Digital printing makes front (and back) covers with flaps more affordable – a possibility to be considered. So what’s the theme for my book? Do I go with heroin, or HIV/AIDS, or on location in Leith? Realistic – like a photograph – or thematic? Think of how it looks on a web page, maybe as a thumbnail. And the spine? – important, knowing the way books are presented on the shelf. Something narrow and vertical… well, now… let’s see… I know: how about a hypodermic syringe? Let’s have your ideas.