St Andrew’s Day statement

On the political front, the Smith Commission, in which the SNP participated, has proposed far-reaching new powers for Holyrood, delivered on time as promised. They’re not perfect, but a major consideration is to have a good measure of devolution within a stable union, in line with what we voted for in September. The proposals can be tweaked, and of course the whole situation is dynamic and evolutionary, so there’s everything to play for. The only thing off the agenda, for a generation, to quote the SNP in the IndyRef campaign, is another referendum on separation from the UK. So it’s a shame the SNP can’t settle down and get on with serious grown-up negotiations for good use of Scottish powers for the good governance of the people. Their talk of ‘betrayal’ is unacceptable. They should bear in mind that if the September vote had gone the other way, even by the narrowest of margins, they would have taken it as a free hand to negotiate what they can and what they think is ‘best for Scotland’. No matter what they would have come up with, they would say they had a mandate from the Scottish people for it, and they would denounce any talk of ‘betrayal’. We’ll be holding their feet to the fire. We’re looking for responsible government, not a series of on-going demands and resentments.

On the much more serious matter, thanks to all the folk who have been on the tour recently. I have had several good conversations about the detail of the content, and it all feeds the writing project. I’m re-defining the scope of it, and I will certainly be showing it to editors, and possibly agents and publishers before Christmas.

Not so much a statement, more a blog off the top of my head to make sure there’s one every month…