Leith Festival is always something to look forward to. I’m doing three turn-up-and-go tours at budget prices – see The Walks page – and it will be good to see you. I went on the Edinburgh Literary Pub Tour the other week, to make comparisons. They obviously find it difficult to put their content on location. Welsh makes it easy for me. The Man had a mention right at the end. Having worked up a little argument between the two guides (they are actors) about great literature being written by people with a liking for the pleasures of life – it’s not really true, is it? – they agreed that OK, heroin now has to be included along with alcohol as a legitimate source of inspiration and solace. I thought it was all a bit weak. But they get great write ups in Trip Advisor and the likes, and you cannae argue with the punters. Anyway, come for a REAL literary tour. Leith’s the place.