It was great to have almost ten folk per night for the Leith Festival programme of tours. Leith Festival apologises for giving out inadequate and wrong information both online and in the printed programme – the venue wasn’t clear, the ticket prices were wrong, and they even gave it as a one-hour tour. So it was good so many of you battled your way through the fog of disinformation, and we had some memorable evenings. I explained that in Britain in a mining town you’ll find a Miners’ Club, in a railway town a Railwaymen’s Club, so in Leith you’ll find a Dockers’ Club. As a group of gorgeous ladies walked past us on their way in, a Spaniard asked ‘They are dockers?’ Good craic. And as ever, I picked up a few wee gems from you that will pepper up the book. Which is coming on fine, by the way.