All hail, Danny Boyle (and those who gave him the space to express himself). Both Trainspotting and the Olympic launch are full of ambition and attitude. In London last week, on a hugely risky and potent stage, he saved us from what would otherwise have been a corporate gimmicky nonsense or an equally futile piece of state propaganda. Here’s a draft paragraph from the introduction to my book, written long before last week:

… We look back now on the book, the play and the film, the Trainspotting Trilogy, three elements in one phenomenon, impossible to merge and impossible to separate. All three elements are capable of critical analysis, all three had their separate impacts, and yet there is a combined effect. All three are fast-moving, kaleidoscopic and flawed, and bold enough to pose questions and problems without providing answers and solutions. Although inspired by Welsh’s book, the whole was not the work of a single mind or hand, it was not processed through committees, it did not seek official approval or funding. Within three short years the trilogy was brought into being by a variety of engineers, who all had to come forward, ready to go at the right time. Using raw talent, clear vision, energy and courage, it was cobbled together creatively, responsively, urgently. It might never have happened. But it did happen. Irvine Welsh never wrote a better book. Harry Gibson never produced a better play. Danny Boyle, Andrew Macdonald and John Hodge never made a better film.

There – I’m proud of it already! Danny Boyle, man of the people, teller of how it is. Gwaun yersel, man!

Let’s be honest – there were no winning witty entries in my competition for a free Tour for Two. Being completely honest, there were no entries at all. Perhaps ‘witty’ wasn’t the right focus. But THE PRIZE is still available for anyone who contributes to a discussion about St Danny and Trainspotting.