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Steven Gill wrote on August 12, 2019 at 5:22 pm:
Having unearthed this within the vast Edinburgh Fringe programme, I was delighted that the weather was on our side on the morning of the tour. Trainspotting defined 90’s film for me and the recent T2 was the perfect sequel. This tour promised an opportunity to see Leith first hand and learn more about the film and the socio-economic history of Leith itself. Our guide for the tour, Tim Bell, was character personified and it was clear from the outset wanted this to be a participation event rather than him lecturing for the duration. The two hour plus tour took in various key locations and it was utterly fascinating to hear his insightful take on both the Trainspotting canon and Leith’s changes over the years. Thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the experience and with Tim’s addition of laminated extracts of the film’s screenplay which were handed out to members of the party to. read out - in character! I felt this really added to the overall experience and really made me smile. Highly recommended and anyone with even a passing interest in the films and Edinburgh’s ‘little brother’ should experience this tour.