Been on a tour? Got a view on any manifestation of Trainspotting – the book, the play, the film? Got attitude or questions about my book?

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(81) Craig Priddice
Wed, 1 November 2017 22:36:17 +0000

Went to Edinburgh on the weekend of the 6th October for my stag . Tim did a tour on Saturday 7th in the afternoon. Was a brilliant tour and very funny indeed. Tim was obviously very knowledgeable of Irvine welsh’s Work and it’s connection with leiths culture. A nice touch was when he let us read excerpts from the book and he took us to an old school working men’s club. He really was absorbed in making us happy and entertained and we did a perfect rendition of Lou Reed’s Perfect day , which it was for us

(80) Oriel Hardman
Mon, 30 October 2017 20:11:27 +0000

I thoroughly enjoyed the tour of Leith with Tim. What an insightful guide he was and a brilliant tour overall it was. The insight he provided into the ‘junk’ affliction that gripped Edinburgh in the 1980s was thoroughly superb. Would do it again if I got chance and would highly recommend. Thanks, Tim!

(79) Aisling Walsh
Thu, 12 October 2017 14:29:47 +0000

Myself and my byofriend Leon did a tour with Tim during our recent trip to Edinburgh. The day we wanted to go, Tim didn't have any other guests, so instead of rescheduling us, instead he tailored the tour to exactly what we wanted! I asked a lot of questions and Tim had the answers to all and more! We had great fun reciting passages from the books and screenplays, and also getting to visit the Dockers Club. Because we were visiting from Ireland, Tim also taught us a bit about the historical Irish connection to Leith which was a really nice touch.
Thank you so much for your time, Tim. I've been telling everyone about this tour since I've been home! And I'm really looking forward to reading your book when it comes out next year!

(78) Steve Best Man
Wed, 11 October 2017 20:54:53 +0000

I booked Tim's trainspotting tour a few months ago on request of my mate (the groom and a massive trainspotting fan) as part of his stag do in Edinburgh. The stag do was last weekend and we finally had the pleasure of Tim's tour on Saturday afternoon. Tim has a great deal of knowledge on the history of Leith and the work of Irvine Welsh. The tour was fantastic and anyone with an interest in Leith &, in particular, trainspotting and Irvine Welsh will not be disappointed. Tim's tour became the talking point of the whole weekend. Tim is a very funny individual and although he brought a lot of humour to the tour he remained respectful to the content of the book and the area of Leith on the whole. Reciting passages from the book during our visit to the Dockers was brilliant Thanks Tim.. You are a class act!!!

(77) Lucy & Ed
Mon, 9 October 2017 22:16:58 +0000

We went on tour last Friday and it was truly excellent! Loved getting historical insights into leith and reading from the books and screen play.for fans of Irvine Welsh highly recommended. Tim is so knowledgeable and interesting!

(76) Claudia
Mon, 9 October 2017 14:48:40 +0000

Tim is a very polite and kind person. I would have preferred to visit a bit more but all the information were truly interesting. He told us not only about Trainspotting and Porno/T2, but about the block, the sociological and historical situation of when the book was written. It is also an interactive tour and very funny when we were asked to read some lines of the screenplay.

(75) Lorna
Mon, 2 October 2017 20:11:35 +0000

The tour was great fun, informative for all Trainspotting fans and, to top it off, got a drink in the Dockers Club on the way. Seriously, I really recommend it, not to be missed, essential Leith/ Edinburgh/Scotland/Trainspotting/Irvine Welsh background, historical and social information and explanation of some of the terms and politics of the times.

(74) Bert Stevenson
Sun, 24 September 2017 22:25:55 +0000

A fantastic tour by Tim Bell- interesting, insightful, funny and full of analysis. The tour is anchored in Trainspotting. Tim, with great verve, illustrates in glorious technicolor, the anger, rage and brilliance of Welsh, contained in his central metaphor: Leith's inexorable, engineered decline at the hands of the rapacious municipal monster that was and is The Corporate Theme Park formerly known as the City of Edinburgh. And the inevitable and dreadful social consequences of such policies that were visited on Leith. The tour is a must for anyone who appreciates Trainspotting and wishes to more fully understand the social, economic and political context of the novel. Our visit to Leith Docker's Club-an oasis of working class values and solidarity in an encroaching desert of gentrification- was evocative and very moving. And just one of the many highlights of the tour. Not to be missed!

(73) Ian Rae
Wed, 20 September 2017 09:30:08 +0000

Many thanks for the very interesting tour Tim.
I suspect that what you don't know about the Trainspotting scene isn't worth knowing. Having only seen the films so far it greatly inspires me to read the books
I also look forward to reading your book on the subject.

(72) Vin Arthey
Wed, 30 August 2017 17:50:49 +0000

Thank you for the tour on Thursday, Tim. I learned so much and am thirsting for more. I was entertained and occasionally humbled by your stories and perspectives on Irvine Welsh, Trainspotting, Leith, Edinburgh, drugs and drug taking. I now have a fuller understanding and appreciation of ALL of this. Vin Arthey (an Edinburgh resident who didn't realise how little he knew about it!)