Welsh in Dutch?

We know Welsh has been translated into many languages. Today I was helping a Dutch film company to connect Trainspotting the film with the location. They’re doing Gomorrah in Naples, Leaving Las Vegas in, well, Las Vegas, and several others. The wee problem, as we locals know, is that not one frame of the film is shot in Leith, and only the opening 30 seconds (repeated) is shot in Edinburgh. However, they were interested in getting some shots of Leith, and tomorrow they are due to see some of the film-makers in Glasgow. It should be broadcast in the New Year, and I’ll post a link.
Meantime, the tours go on, with a steady stream of visitors and the occasional journo. Looks like the media world is gearing up for the twentieth annivesary of the release of Trainspotting the book in August next year.

Book or film?

As people who come on my tours know, Trainspotting the book is set right on location in Leith. So why isn’t there a film tour? ANSWER: not a single film scene was shot in Leith. There’s about 30 seconds shot in Edinburgh, and that’s it. Face it – film is a different medium, and therefore inevitably to some extent a different story. The film is faithful to some of the book’s themes and it picks up the energy. It’s chaotic, but there is some order in there. Danny Boyle’s triumph is to put the difficult subject of heroin addiction onto the screen and make it a blockbuster. He did the same in putting extreme poverty onto the screen in ‘Slumdog Millionaire’. What’s the secret? Any ideas?
Book or film? The beauty is they are different beasts and we don’t have to choose between them. But we do have to try and understand them both on their own terms.