German interest.

Two different German university groups have done the tour in the last couple of weeks. They have been before, and their excellent level of knowledge and understanding never ceases to amaze me. If their counterparts in the economics departments can match them, we can be sure the Euro is in safe hands.

And the sun shone not on Leith.

What a wet, cold evening for the final programme tour of Leith Festival! We found shelter wherever we could, and the Dockers’ Club kindly gave us a room they weren’t using so we could do the last third of the tour inside. Around fifty people came on four tours over eight days. The recent release of Skag Boys seems to have renewed interest in Trainspotting, although it’s difficult to work the new book into the tour.

It takes all sorts…

A total of 24 people came on last weekend’s tours, and a jolly good time was had by all. On Saturday we took shelter from the heavy downpour in the TESCO trolley park for the Leith Central Station / ‘trainspotting’ episode! They came from South Africa, Italy, Leith, New York, Dublin, London, Fife – that sort of place. Some knew some aspect of the real-life story of the Leith drug scene better than they knew the fiction on page or screen. Thanks to all who contributed their insights and humour to make two cracking tours.

Leith’s a village

Speaking to a man I have never met before about something completely unconnected with this project, it turns out he has real hard information that will help my researches. He certainly doesn’t want to be identified – he has his reasons! I’m looking forward to recording an interview with him about the origins of Trainspotting.